Hanshi Jack McPeek, Chairman

Jack McPeek began studying karate at the age of 13 when Hanshi Grant agreed to accept his 2 older brothers and Jack as students. Hanshi Grant’s teaching was very strict and demanding and he never let anyone give up under any circumstances. In 1971, while in the U.S. Army, Jack studied karate for over a year under Master Shoshin Nagamine in his dojo in Okinawa. Training in the tropical climate in Okinawa was difficult at first, but he found his previous training under Hanshi Grant more than prepared him for any challenge. After returning from the Army in 1973, Hanshi encouraged Jack to open his own dojo. Since then, Jack has spent many happy years watching the development and transformation of those who have come to train in the Way of Karate. In 2020, Hanshi McPeek achieved the rank of Ju Dan and currently serves as Chairman of the WSKF Board. His favorite kata are the Naihanchi.