Kyoshi Glenda Olin, Vice President

Glenda Olin began her martial arts training in 1972 in Tae Kwon Do. After training for 3 years and receiving a 1st degree black belt, she joined the Okinawan Matsubayashi-Ryu family of karate. Since 1975, Glenda has trained under Hanshi Grant, at his dojos on Troy Street, and Tipp City in Ohio, Kentucky, and currently in Piqua, Ohio. In 1996, Glenda began teaching martial arts to kids. She has since started her own non-profit organization Partners Against Crime (PAC) to support her martial arts program. In 1991, Glenda was promoted to Go Dan by Grand Master Nagamine in Okinawa. At the inception of the WSKF, Glenda was appointed by Hanshi Grant to become Secretary, a position she held until 2009. In 2004, Glenda was elected Vice President of the WSKF. During the WSKF Internationals in Florida in July, 2016, Kyoshi Olin was promoted to Ku-Dan. Her favorite kata is Gojushiho.


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