Mr. Lee Hill inducted in 2005

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Mr. Lee Hill started karate in 1965 under the leadership of Hanshi Frank Grant in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Hill was a kind and gentle person that everyone naturally warmed up to and he always offered a helping hand to anyone, inside or outside of the dojo. Always full of energy because he loved life, Mr. Hill constantly energized and inspired those around him with his optimistic and encouraging attitude. Mr. Hill was well known and highly respected in the Dayton community having worked and volunteered much of his time in the public sector. He was a wise, trusted and dependable man and Hanshi Grant often looked for Mr. Hill’s council and advice on important matters involving the dojo and the early formulation of the WSKF organization. It is because of his sense of duty to serve and a passion for photography that Mr. Hill will always be remembered. The hundreds of photos he shot, forever captured many special moments and important organizational events for the WSKF. Mr. Hill passed away in July of 1999.


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