Sensei Chad Sheets

Sensei Chad Sheets was interested in martial arts as a youth, and began training in Shorin-Ryu in 1990 at age 19 under Renshi Pike in Ohio. Over the next several years he trained with Renshi Pike, Sensei James Lyons, several of the senior members/directors, and Hanshi Grant. Since 2001 Sensei Sheets has maintained his training and dojo in Illinois, working with a variety of wonderful students. He was promoted to Go Dan in 2009 at the WSKF internationals and also trains in Ryu Kyu Kobudo and Yang Tai Chi Chuan. Sensei Sheets currently serves as the Director of the Black Belt Circle and manages the assembly of the WSKF newsletter as well as the WSKF discussion forum. He especially enjoys the katas for Wankan and yakusoku kumite.


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