Kyoshi Harley McCabe

Kyoshi Harley McCabe has been studying karate since 1967. While in the Army, he started studying karate with three black belts at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and put up his first makiwara for punching and kicking. His training after that was from books until he enrolled in a Matsubayashi-Ryu course in 1970 at a public school in Springfield, Ohio. The instructor, Bobby Bruce, was an old student of Hanshi Grant's old Fifth Street dojo. They became close friends over the next few years and had many memorable training sessions. In 1977, Bobby Bruce urged him to begin formal training at Hanshi Grant's dojo on Troy Street in Dayton, Ohio. Harley's love of kata resulted in practicing each hundreds of times monthly. Harley currently holds the rank of Shichi Dan. Gojushiho is his favorite kata.


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