Sensei Jeff Bentle

Sensei Jeff Bentle began training in Matsubayashi-Ryu in 1989 under Kyoshi Dale Pike. On Saturday mornings, Kyoshi Pike would take him to train with Kyoshi Tommie Harris at Hanshi's old dojo on State Route 201. Not quite 2 years after, Jeff moved out of town. When he returned four and half years later, he continued his training under Sensei Greg Johnston, also on State Route 201. Jeff now holds the rank of Roku-Dan and has been Hanshi Frank Grant’s student for more than a decade. In 2007 the World Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Federation (WSKF) issued a charter for Jeff to open a dojo in the Cincinnati area. He began the Tonbo Dojo and started teaching classes in his mother’s basement in Bright, Indiana. He now teaches at a dojo housed in the Harrison Bowl, Harrison, Ohio with his wife, Joyce Bentle, San-Dan. Sensei Bentle's favorite kata seems to change on a weekly basis. Officially, it is always one of the original 18 (usually Rohai or Chinto) paired with Ganbaru-Sho.


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